Sekrit Project

So that Notepad app on my Kindle? Amazing. I sat in a coffee shop--rather, outside a coffee shop, beneath the honeysuckle--and continued my WiP. {I've begun uploading my MS to Google Docs, and then I can access that from my Kindle, provided that there's Wi-Fi, and thus I know where I am in the story. Can't edit it, though.}

Speaking of the WiP...it's secret. I'm not blogging about its content here. I'm not telling anyone. Not my online friends, not my real-life friends.

And no, it's not because I suddenly started writing erotica.

It's because every time I tell someone about what I'm writing, I lose interest. This happens on a consistent basis. And not just about stuff I'm writing. It happens with movies I want to go see, music I like, and any plans I have. As soon as I tell you about a plan...I probably won't do it.

{This tendency is why I told very few people that I was applying to college, my dream college, no less.}

I think part of this stems from my fear of failure. If no one knows what I'm attempting, they won't know if I fail, right? This isn't exactly healthy, I'm sure. And I'll try to do better in my day-to-day life.

But as far as writing goes, there shall be very little information on what I'm writing. It's YA. It's dystopian {but not, like, let's-see-how-much-violence-we-can-pack-into-one-book dystopian}. It has romance. It's been in my head for two years. The end.

Anyway. Yeah. I'm writing something. I like it. I'm excited about it. That's all. This is my sekrit project.

In the meantime, we can talk about the queries/requests I'm waiting...waiting...waiting...on.

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Traci Kenworth said...

Congrats, it always fun to start a new project. And sometimes, it's better not to tell everything, like you said, it keeps you invested in the story.