Third Time's a Charm

So there are these revisions I'm going to be working on as soon as I write the email saying so. {Two reasons I haven't written the email yet: 1) Returning emails in a timely manner is turning out to be quite the art form, and 2) My decision-making process is naturally elongated. We'll leave it at that.}

It's going to be interesting. One of the revisions involves a certain character, a character I single-handedly killed, to remain alive. I'm actually rather enthusiastic about this. For a few reasons:
  1. I like this character. Always did. And I would love for there to be continued interaction with this character and Jenn. They have great rapport.
  2. When my beta reader read this, she commented on how sad she was that the character died.
  3. My first R&R was disappointed by the death, as well.
  4. Thus, this third R&R is the third mention of it. And I guess third time's a charm.
Thus, I'm excited. There were aspects of the end of the book that I never quite loved, but I couldn't put words to it. Now I have a starting place--not killing the character--and can rewrite the ending!

~~This blog post has been interrupted by the muse: Melody apparently does not remember what agony we endured at the hands of this ending. The concept of rewriting the ending does NOT deserve an exclamation point.~~

Do not annoy me with memories of the past, dear muse. We shall pretend that those tears were never shed.

Oh, we shall, shall we? We'll see about that when you actually knuckle down and get to work rewriting this ending. Oh, I'm sorry: rewriting this ending!!!!!!!!!

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AimeeLSalter said...

Your muse makes me LOL.

Go to it! You can do it! And that DOES deserve an exclamation mark or five!!!!!