I'm reading through the manuscript of Those Who Trespass again, in preparation for a revision round that I do not feel prepared for, not at all. And I have found the most mortifying things:
  • I misspelled the word 'transition' and did not fix it.
  • I also misspelled the word 'sacrilegious'. Didn't fix it, either.
  • But the worst of it is that at some point I somehow replaced all my "On" and "on"s with "on". Which wouldn't seem like such a big deal until you read things like this:
    • ...to the cloud. once she saw...
    • ...the stairs. on top of the roof...
    • ...no hope. only a miracle...
Of course, I'm making up all those lines, but the point remains the same. I have lost count of how many sentences begin with "on" instead of "On". AND I SENT THIS TO AGENTS. AND THEY READ IT!

 And they requested fulls! They requested revisions!

So just so you know, if you didn't believe it, typos will not make or break your writing career. Not if your writing is good and your story is good. Not if it's obvious that you do indeed know how to type.

Just give your manuscript--and your query letter, and your synopsis--one hundred percent. Do your best. Agents understand. They can tell when you've given it your all, and they're willing to be forgiving.

Just in case you wondered.


Anne Gallagher said...

Well, good for you! Congrats on all your fulls. Yes, I do believe agents will overlook, and be very understanding when they see stuff like that. They realize (if they're all like that) it's probably just a find and replace miscue.

Traci Kenworth said...

Good to hear!!