Creativity and Dead Parrots

Am I still on a Monty Python {what does that mean anyway?} kick? Maybe. Yes. My writing-accountability-partner--who has a book coming out this summer, which means you shall all soon meet her--noted my fascination and sent me a lovely {36-minute-long} talk on creativity by John Cleese. However, I realize that a) you may not know who John Cleese is {because I only figured out which of the MP guys he was this week}, and b) you may not have 36 minutes to spend watching his great talk on creativity.

Your solution is this much shorter {5:38} video that will introduce John Cleese, the guy with the dead parrot.

Now that you have a healthy respect for the comedic brilliance of John Cleese, I give to you the 36-minute video on creativity, to watch at your leisure. All joking aside, it's very informative as well as entertaining, and there is something here for every creative person--and that definitely includes writers.


AimeeLSalter said...

Links didn't come up for me :( BUT I LOVE JOHN CLEESE (and Monty Python).

You have a whole world opening up for you, my friend. A whole. new. world.

Traci Kenworth said...

Love John Cleese and his creativity talk is as funny as expected, albeit he does touch on some serious thought such as: "You can't teach creativity." I don't personally think you can teach it either, you either have it or don't. Creative people are always trying to discover how it works, that it works is what's important. :)