I think I've written the same scene at least three times. I wouldn't keep doing this to myself if it didn't get better each time. Which it does.

I solve one plot problem and three more crop up. It's like the Hydra.

I wonder if I should wrap up such-and-such plotline...and then realize that there are still several chapters after it that need its tension.

I wonder if I should insert even more tension, but that just complicates matters even further.

And I am determined--or I thought I was--to have this draft finished by the end of June!


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AimeeLSalter said...

A friend and I were discussing this last week - the endless sucking whirlpool of editing / revision.

My advice? Revise through the draft with one goal in mind (perhaps to foreshadow / re-phrase a specific plotline). Get yourself to a 'clean draft', then go back with a new goal.

It sounds time consuming, but my experience has been, trying to fix everything at once becomes a jumble in your head that slowly, slowly vacuums you down until you can't remove your forehead from the desk-surface.

Or something like that.