Today Is Not That Day!

So...today is Tuesday. Which means it's Tell-the-Truth Tuesday. I always miss it, and I seem to come up with lists of truths on days that, um, aren't Tuesday. However, today is not that day!
  • I'm still revising.
  • I wrote a scholarship essay and actually enjoyed it. Whoa. {I wrote an essay and liked it...}
  • I finished Season 2 of White Collar. Oh, cliffhanger finale...
  • I watched a behind-the-scenes of White Collar last night. The author--Jeff Eastin--mentioned the ticking clock tool for a scene! Yes! I'm not crazy!
  • I really, really, really want to go to a Dark Knight marathon the day before The Dark Knight Rises comes out, and then see The Dark Knight at midnight.
  •  We got a new dog! He's pretty much the most adorable thing EVER. Aaaaggh, I love him! Name: Hawkeye. You know, like the Avengers. And MASH. And The Last of the Mohicans. {I've only seen enough MASH to know that Hawkeye is the cute one. And I'm only just beginning TLotM, so there's no telling if it's an honor to be named after that Hawkeye.}

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