Work Is Involved

Continuing to outline via post-it notes and Kirsten's giant picture book, as I described yesterday. I have scenes that I've inserted, then discarded. And in all honesty, it's been very, very frustrating.

Today I was getting even more frustrated. What was I supposed to do with these dozen scenes that don't go anywhere? How as I going to get to Point B from Point A. I had made a lot of progress going from Point A. But I hadn't been able to connect it with what I had for Point B.

It was driving me a little batty.

So I switched and worked up from Point B. I would explain my thought progress there, but it may give away too much of the story's climax, so allow me to say that...it worked. I think. I haven't written it, yet. That's where I'm heading next.

Well, actually I'm heading toward scholarship essays next. {Scholarship essays are all very well and good when one isn't trying to finish a revision by the end of the month. And did I mention that I have a half dozen of essays also due at the end of the month?}

I feel like all I do on this blog any more is talk about revisions. Sorry. Let it serve as a warning to all those who think they want to be writers: work is involved. The pay-off is great. But work is most definitely involved.

What about you? What's the hardest thing you've ever accomplished in the writing process? Was it worth it?

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