The Story Board

I've come to that point in my novel--again--where the story is going to change rather dramatically because of these revisions. Not too dramatically. But dramatically enough for me to be hopelessly lost.

I've already tried writing these scenes half a dozen times over. Today, with June drawing to a close {no! no, no, no!}, I figured I should put an end to my insanity--
"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results" - Rita Mae Brown {often attributed to Albert Einstein, who did, admittedly, come first}
--and try something different. So I stole a page from Save the Cat! {but not really} and started writing my possible scenes down. Decided the post-it notes would work better than notecards, but where was I going to post these post-it notes? My white-board already has writing on it and is rather precious to me, all things considered.

Kirsten, posing in front of her book
And then my eye fell on Kirsten's Scenes & Settings book. {Yes, I was an American Girl girl. Lots and lots of Kirsten.} I got it more recently from Goodwill, but haven't had a whole lot of use for it, in all honesty. {I'm 21, after all.} It's something like 2'x3' with huge background pictures meant to assist in making Kirsten's world more real when playing.

But it makes a great post-it note board for story outlining. Plus, if I were to have multiple outlines going, I could put them on the book's "pages", close them up, and keep them safe. I don't have that many outlines going right now--I hope I never do--but it I did, I would have an organization method.

I like organization methods. Hence this post.

What about you? Have you ever outlined with paper/post-it/white-board {as opposed to on the computer}? What did you use? How'd it go?

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