Drawing Ever Closer

Drawing ever closer, we are, we are. I finished my manuscript over the weekend--again--and sent it to Robin, who is going to be the last non-me reader to experience Those Who Trespass before it hits the e-shelves.

I want this blog to be a help to anyone following in my footsteps, so expect some links as I keep progressing toward publication. Today I did some cover design research. I looked into hiring someone to design it for me, which, if I had the money, would be a no-brainer. But I don't have the money, so I'm doing it myself. They tell you not to, but I am.

My favorite cover design site? Damonza.com Of the covers I looked at today, theirs were the coolest. And the most expensive. There were some other excellent artists that were less pricey; the going rate seems to be between $150 and $250. Not bad at all, if you're not a broke college student. Kindle recommends the Google search ebook cover design to find cover designers, so have at it.

Also, I discovered an e-book {of course} that Kindle has produced to ease your life as an indie author. Building Your Book for Kindle is free. It is a straight-up, no-frills guide that takes you through the formatting and publishing process without all the hype and extra details that you can figure out later. It includes helpful formatting advice for pre-writing, too, so it's worth checking out if you have the slightest inclination to e-publish at some point in your authorly life.

Those are pretty easy-to-find resources, but they're a good place to start in my great how-I'm-doing-it database of indie-publishing.

I plan to journal my cover design process here, because I don't think that process has often been recorded when done by an author with limited design skills. {I have design skills. But they're limited.} Is that something you'd be interested in following? What other indie-publishing aspects would you like to experience along with me?

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