Table of Contents Troubleshooting

Late post. I toyed with the idea of not posting at all, but I have information and will probably have more tomorrow--or will forget tomorrow--and I wanted to sketch it out.

If you never plan on self-publishing your book yourself, this information probably isn't for you. But I hope your day is awesome, regardless.

If you do think that e-publishing may be in your future, read on, especially if you use OpenOffice. First off, links to an important, four-part blog about, um, indie-publishing on Kindle with OpenOffice:
And now some hard-won troubleshooting advice for the table of contents problem. I did it once according to the directions on the link, and it worked great! But when I got back to the document--after some exporting and renaming and stuff like that--it was gone. And no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't get it back. Just a lonely gray bar.

I had correctly set all my chapter titles as headings. But it wouldn't work. Nothing would show up except for the 'Table of Contents' title. Which didn't really help me.

Solution: Select each already-heading-ed chapter title and go to Format > Paragraph > Outline & Numbering > Outline Level and change each outline level to Level 1. That's it. Then the table of contents works.

Don't say I never gave you nothin'.

What about you? What Word/OpenOffice/Kindle troubles have you run into and successfully {or unsuccessfully} troubleshooted? Troubleshot?

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Anne Gallagher said...

This is awesome because I've been having trouble lately too. So thanks for the heads up.