I'm Doing This

I have finally worked out some timing details and made everything official instead of that's-a-nice-date-let's-use-it. So, without further ado:


There. I've said it.

It's so scary. The closer I get, the more official this becomes, the more my stomach twists in fear of doing what I've dreamed of all my life. I've written a book. I'm going to put it online. I'm going to open myself up to criticism from all people, people who don't me, people who don't care.

This is what I've wanted for years. I tried to psyche myself out with the idea that it wasn't really real since it was self-publishing. Since I wasn't going to be on the shelves of Barnes & Noble, I tried to convince myself that there was nothing to worry about.

But there is. This is real. I'm really doing this. No longer will I get to choose who reads my book. This is no longer just me, in my own little world. This is no longer me telling myself that I'm an author. This is a real story that will be read by real people out there.

I'm so scared. There is a huge part of me that wants to pack up. "Bye y'all, it's been fun, it's been real, but I can't do this, I'm just a normal person. Normal people don't do stuff like this. So maybe I should just, you know...see you later before y'all get wise."

But there is this push behind me. This is what you've wanted. This is what you've dreamed of. This is what you're worked for. You've put so many hours into this thing that you're no longer normal.

I'm doing this. On August 27, I'm doing this.

{Also, a great post on e-book promotion from J. A. Konrath.}
What about you? Have you ever poured yourself into something and woken up to realize that you're no longer "normal"? {And are you interested in helping me promote Those Who Trespass? I'd be happy to reciprocate the favor in the future.}


Anne Gallagher said...

Congratulations! It's very exciting to launch a book. I wish you the very best.

AimeeLSalter said...

Omigosh. I could lift the text from this and post it on my blog with the dates changed.


Just remember who's really behind it all. He's got you. (And me).