A Courseload & a Book

Well, it is Day 2 of College After Publishing {Those Who Trespass is e-published, whaaat?!}, and I am proud to say that I've answered all my emails. Two days in a row. It's really quite impressive. I kinda like this feeling of now emails looming over my head.

I didn't blog last year when I was in college. I couldn't find the time, and I also didn't have anything particularly writerly to write about because I wasn't...writing. But now, not only am I writing {well, I will be once I settle in}, I'm published. The writing world isn't going away--thank goodness!

It's interesting: when I began this blog, I had a specific vision in mind. It wasn't just a writing blog.
Writing: from the point of view of a young aspiring authoress who lives at home and whose younger brother has Nerf wars in her room while she's trying to write.
I realize now that it's changed, on the surface at least. Because now the authoress has a new setting.
Writing: from the point of view of a {not quite as} young authoress who decided to major in a ridiculously difficult subject just for the fun of it and now juggles a courseload and a book.

Like, what if I'm asked to speak somewhere, as an author, and my response is: "Well, I'd love to, you have no idea how much I'd love to, but, um, I have class. And we have quizzes that day. In that class." What do I do then? Quizzes vs. writing. Do they drop quizzes in this class?

This is what it looks like, folks. This is what it looks like to major in physics and write a book. {It looks awkward.} {But also awesome.} {Also, I was informed by a physics classmate that the creator of Foxtrot--you know, the comic--was a physicist. There you go.}

Coming next week: all my little observations and recommendations and formatting tips about e-book publishing...and my second proof copy {let's hope it's perfect!}!

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Donna K. Weaver said...

That's great. It's not like a single student's is much different than that of a parent who works full time, runs kids around, and has to try and squeeze a little time to write. Good training. ;)