Proof Copy

I am this close. Of course, I have been this close like thirty times over the past week.

Granted, there was this lovely highlight: my CreateSpace proof copy. Yep, if it wasn't official already...Those Who Trespass will be in print. But it will most likely not be available on August 27 {we'll keep you updated}.

What you see in the picture is the proof copy. I received it Wednesday, knowing full well that most books take 3 proofs to get right, and that "there are typos that will not exist until printed."

Was I hoping that it would be perfect, that I could click 'approve' and send it into the Amazon universe, ready for the much-hyped release date? Yes. But it was not to be.

Not that there was anything at all wrong with the printing. I have no complaint with CreateSpace--they rocked my world. But there was a minor typo here, and a major typo there, and then, well, maybe I should just read the thing. So I read it, and found some more typos. Really nothing too major.

Then I took out a scene. Because I could.

And then I realized that every other book on my shelf had full justification of its text, and mine didn't. So I re-did that.

I'll go more into the technicalities of the whole thing at a later date, but the summary is: it won't be ready August 27, but it is going to be pohl-lished when it shows up on your doorstep. I'm really proud of the formatting job {which is now done--finally--and I'm waiting on CreateSpace to get back to me}.

Is there anything--specific or not--that you'd like me to write about when it comes to my CreateSpace proof copy? What I noticed, what I liked, what I didn't like? Comment away and watch the answers become posts...


AimeeLSalter said...

How about, "all of the above"? If you could go back, how long ahead of time would you have started this process?

Is the book available for readers to see even before it's available to buy (i.e. do you need to have your blurb and info ready right from the get-go?)

TELL ME EVERYTHING!!! *ahem* I mean, anything you have to offer is helpful for moi :)

Shelley Sly said...

Squeeeee!! You look so happy holding a proof copy of your baby! :D I'd be happy to learn about anything related to the process (I've already bookmarked your earlier posts), so post away!

Can't wait to hold my own copy of TWT in my hands too!