Sinking In

One more day until e-book release!
Two more days until the fall semester starts!

My email inbox is a mosh-pit of Kindle notifications {and CreateSpace notifications...finally got the second proof ordered} and a sudden influx of academic emails. At this moment, I am filling up my Google calendar, writing this blog post, perusing the university registrar {math professor reviews}, and receiving text messages from people who want to buy my book.

People want to buy my book.

That's going to take some sinking in. Granted, a lot of them so far are my friends, and, more oddly...my mom's friends. I've kinda given up explaining that this is a young adult novel. It's not exactly sex, drugs, and alcohol, but neither is it Karen Kingsbury. No matter, they say, we want to read it.

To which I reply: read away.

And while you're at it, add it to your to-read list on Goodreads. I think the fact that my book is on Goodreads is freaking me out more than anything. It's so official. My author page is so...so much like anyone else's author page. {With fewer books, but I'm working on this.} It looks so...official.

I'm official. Or as official as you can get self-publishing.

Sorry for this thoughtstream. Can I blame my recent reading of Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness for BritLit? I'm sure he thought he was very hipster in his scene-hopping and lack of quotation marks, but...seriously...aren't there better ways to do this? {Not that I didn't find it most intriguing. I'm glad I can put it on my list of read books.}

My mind isn't really coherent today--can you tell--so I'm going to sign off. The next time I'm here will be release day...*drumroll*

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