Revealing the Blurb

Surprisingly, revealing the "blurb" is more scary than revealing the cover. The cover could be anything. The blurb is, well, it's the story. Part of it. The cover was the teaser trailer. This is the trailer-trailer. Well, the first one. The one that focuses on the story. {Part of me thinks I should write a second, the way they make second trailers, one that focuses on the characters.}
Seventeen-year-old Jenn Alistor is a murderer.

For months, she and her brother, Jake, have stayed one step ahead of the FBI. Now Jake is missing, and Jenn’s last hope is a risky deal with the feds: if they’ll help her find her brother, she’ll turn herself in. But their so-called help comes in the form of 21-year-old Clayton Ford—brother of the guy she killed. His presence is a constant reminder of the blood on her hands, and Jenn would like nothing more than to ditch him. But as she uncovers lie after twisted lie, it looks like Clayton is the only person she can trust.

Lives aren’t the only thing at stake any more. This is Jenn’s one shot at forgiveness—and maybe even love. But she has to choose.

on Kindle 8/27!

The clock is ticking.
August 27, my friends! It's just two three weeks away!

Gulp. Two Three weeks. I should...get back to work. :)

{Edit: For some reason I think three weeks is equal to two? I blame too much living in the fictional...}

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Shelley Sly said...

Yay! Your blurb is up! It's official and real and actually happening!

Nineteen more days until you're a published author... :D :D