Doing It Anyway

If you stalk this blog--and if you do, you should, like, comment--you may have noticed that the blurb in my blurb release has...changed. A couple times. I think it's done now.

Now that the blurb is in the past {I hope}, I'm doing one last read-through of Those Who Trespass {how many times have I said that?}.

I'm also trying to decide if my new publishing imprint will be Sonnet 14 Press, or Sonnet 14 Media, or Sonnet 14 Publishing. {Feel free to chime in!} Yep, I get to make my own imprint. Ah, the perks of self-publishing. Maybe in the future-future, I can be part of the labor involved in getting other author's books on Kindle. That would be cool. Sonnet 14 for the win!

I've also delved into the difference between CreateSpace and Kindle Direct Publishing. Short answer: CreateSpace is for the physical book, and KDP is for the digital.
I recommend the following articles for further enlightenment:
and Publishing with Kindle Direct Publishing and Createspace.
on Kindle 8/27!
I've been seriously considering a physical version of Those Who Trespass. Originally, I swore that I didn't have the money or the time, and I planned to get to it later. Now I'm wondering if that's fair to people who will end up buying my book...twice. Not that I have time to have a physical copy by August 27.

At the end of the day--oh, well. This whole adventure is new to me, and I embarked knowing that mistakes would occur. The goal is not to let the promise of mistakes keep you from doing it anyway. Are there things I'd do differently if I did this again? Yeah. But I don't have a chance to do it right the next time if I don't do it this time.

So...what do you think about Sonnet 14? Press, Publishing, Media, or something else? Share your opinions!

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