Thirty Hours Later

Well, hello blogosphere! Sorry for vanishing last week. It was time to buckle down and work on getting this whole printed book thing actually completed.

30+ hours later.

I'm not going to say whether or not it worked, because it's not done yet, and I don't know for sure. I'm not even going to give you a glimpse of the updated cover and blurb--that's for Aimee to do, as soon as I send her that email. But I will say that it was easier than I anticipated.

I mean, it was still 30 hours of formatting, formatting, formatting, formatting, designing, designing, designing, designing. But I didn't run into anything--yet--that has given me an unmanageable headache. Which is nice.

Now I have to format the thing for Kindle. Yeah, it was formatted and ready to go, but then I started editing the book while it was in print-formatting mode...so now I have to redo the Kindle thing. Hopefully, it will play nice. :)

And I wait. For my proof to come in the mail. My book, in the mail. I shall hold my book in my hands. They told me it would arrive Wednesday. My fingers are itching already to touch that book.

Any questions about CreateSpace or Kindle Direct Publishing? Feel free to ask them. I'm going to keep this blog stocked with pieces of the journey, but I love your questions, because I want to say what you want to know. :)

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