Real Books

Well, two things have changed.
  1. Sonnet 14 was a short-lived experiment. I think I'm going to let CreateSpace and Amazon take the publishing credit.
  2. Did I mention CreateSpace? Because I think I'm going to publish to print as well as Kindle.
I can't go into all the psychology of why I'm even self-publishing in the first place. Not right now. But a lot of it has to do with the not inconsequential fact that my friends want to read it. And while most--but not all--of them are halfway familiar with e-books, they're used to real books. People like real books.

I like real books. Granted, if I was faced with buying my book in print or in an e-edition, I might buy the e-book. It will be cheaper. {Plus, if I'm buying my own e-book, I'm making myself more money.} But I honestly don't know anyone besides my brot
on Kindle 8/27!
and apparently also
soon to be in print.
her who voluntarily chooses e-books. {For all you demographic gurus out there, my brother is 15 and reads OverDrive e-books on the Kindle app on his tablet. He loves it. But I don't know if he'd be familiar with it if I hadn't introduced him.}

Anyway, can a print version of a book on CreateSpace be ready in the space of two weeks?

We are about to find out.
At this point, I have lost absolute count of the number of self-publishing rules I have broken.

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Shelley Sly said...

I'd buy your book in ebook format AND print. Just sayin'. ;)

NINE more days!!