The Book Signing

they spelled my name right! win!
So. The book signing!

It's still hard to believe that it happened. I had a book signing. People have bought Those Who Trespass. People will read it.

So for those of you who couldn't attend, here was the order of events:
please ignore the odd expression
on my face :-/
it's a book!
  • I talked. I think my talk went a little long, but maybe we can chalk it down to me having to start from the beginning? Future books won't have such a requirement...
  • We ate cake. My insistence on a cake was mainly the fact that, ever since the technology came out, I've wanted a photo cake. This was a stellar opportunity...plus, this way, no one was eating my face.
  • concentrating...
  • I signed. The best part about this was that I was signing my own name in my own books. I never dreamed...well, actually I did. But still. {The worst part is the fact that I wrote personal messages in each one. Please. Don't write personal messages when you're in a hurry and can't think straight due to ecstasy+stress. Bad idea. Those messages are the most uneloquent I've ever been. To those who have such a note, I apologize. But think of it this way, you have something incredibly unique, the like of which shall never be seen again.} 
my grandparents and florist aunt sent me
this lovely bouquet for the special day!
so pretty!
At the end of the day, I have run out of books in my possession. {I didn't run out of any at the signing, but there were just enough afterward to fulfill some other orders/intended gifts.}

And now it's over. I have bared my soul to the world.

And today, it's back to class. Oh, life...

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