The College Variable

Thursday, I said. I'll be mostly free Wednesday night, I said.


On the upside, I can assure you that the human body requires much less sleep than previously supposed in order to survive. Less sleep = more things done. Why didn't we think of this before? {Because survive does not equal thrive, my friends.}

Yesterday morning, I decided to post on my personal Facebook a little reminder about the signing. So many more days! is what I planned on saying. And then I thought, "How many more days is it?"

Three days.

My own post surprised myself. Three days. Well, two days now.

I have a talk to write/outline. I said I would write it earlier, edit it, polish it down. Write + edit + polish = awesome. I just forgot a variable...College. Write + edit + polish + college = LOL.

But it will get done. That's one of the many things I've learned in college. If something has to be done, it will be done. It will. Even though I agonize and fret and stress about how much time I don't have, at the end of the day, the assignment will get turned in. The talk will get written.

Sorry for all the equations scattered about this post. I've been lab-report writing. {This is the one-hour credit lab that swindles me into perfectionism every single time.} Did you know Google Drive has equations in it? They work out quite well. Not as well as other programs that I don't know how to use {yet}, but I can use it.

Okay. Keep an eye out next week for a new series: How To Paperback! :)

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