The Possible Answers

I take it back. I blog only on Mondays. I could write a long paragraph about why I thought Thursdays would work, but the end result is...Mondays alone.

I've been getting an interesting question lately. A question I don't in the least know how to answer.
"How's your book doing?"
Does no one realize the sheer number of possible answers to this question?
  • {sassy i} Well, technically, I don't own a final-copy book of my own, so...the question is irrelevant.
  • {sassy ii} The copy of my book belonging to my family is sitting on a shelf now that my mother has read it. So...getting dusty.
  • {sassy iii} Last I heard, Jenn and Clayton's story had ended.
Of course, I know what people mean. They want to know if I'm on my way to becoming an author millionaire. I had not realized until now that normal people--people who don't feast on writing blogs--assume that a published book results in a significant income. News flash: it doesn't. Even if I had been published by a real publisher and not myself, the money wouldn't be all that much to write home about, so I hear.

But just because I know what they're really asking doesn't make the question any easier to answer.
  • Rate of purchases/downloads has significantly declined since most of my family and friends have bought and loved it.
  • I've sold ~50 books. Not exactly up to the expectations of most people.
The numbers don't surprise me {well, they do, but only in a positive I-have-such-amazing-friends-and-family sense}. I didn't promote Those Who Trespass much outside of my friends/family circle. Part of that was intentional, part of it was just because I frankly just didn't have time.

But just because the numbers don't concern me doesn't make it any easier to tell people how my book is doing. Because what they're really asking is, "How close are you to becoming a millionaire?" And my answer is sure to disappoint. I'm not disappointed, but I hate giving disappointing answers.

I'm honored that people ask and are interested. It truly makes my day to know that other people care about my writing journey. I'm just at a loss in how I should answer. If anyone has any advice or tips, feel free to share.

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Shelley Sly said...

Long comment ahead!

I think the key to not giving a disappointing answer is to focus on what you're pleased with.

Maybe you could respond with how thankful you are that family and friends have supported you? Or the positives associated with that? (Example: "How's your book doing?" "It's great, thanks! I'm so honored that people have taken the time to read it." or, "People who have read it told me they loved it, and that makes my day.") I don't know, just some thoughts.

As someone who doesn't like giving disappointing answers either, I'm trying to think how I'd respond. Think positive! (And 50 sales is good; self-pubbing is more about sales over time than immediate sales anyway. You're doing well.) :)

By the way, your book signing pictures are so cute! Glad it went well!