Ditching the Outline

I didn't really ditch the outline. I just added something. An entire 2000+ words of something. I went ahead and wrote that piece of Daniel's captivity that I was talking about yesterday or the day before (whenever it was). I'm still not sure I like it. Once I go off course, it's SO easy to just go meandering along in meadows and streams and just stopping to smell the roses. I wrote my outline for a reason! Stick to the outline, stick to the outline, stick to the outline!

Oh, I know better than the outline. I can go away and just come back.

Yeah right, you know better than the outline. Ha! You've got to stick to the outline or you will find yourself in serious trouble. Like you're in now...trying to write a silent conversation between Daniel and Quin. Whose idea was that, anyway? That was really stupid. It's so hard to write a conversation without...um...dialogue.

I've written over 2000 words today. I'm going to see if I can't fit in some new-story fun in before supper. Not saying what it's about!

Bother - it's time to eat. So much for ice skating fan fiction! Oh - I miss the Olympics!

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