My name is Melody.

This is my second Decision of the day. When I originally chose the cyber-name/pen-name/psuedonym of "Jane Harmony," I did so intentionally. I wanted a name that sounded like a name and not theprincessspy. Which was cool - just not...a name. It wasn't something anyone could call me by. So I chose Jane Harmony because it was a twist on my real name and a shout-out to all things Pride & Prejudice. I did so in the interest of internet privacy, the importance of which I am by no means diminishing.

But "Jane Harmony" became more trouble than she was worth as I started interacting in the blog world:

1) I couldn't comment on the blogs of people I know in real life without having to email them an extensive explanation about how I was Jane Harmony, blah, blah, blah. Confuzzling and time-taking.

2) In the event that I published a book and got famous, I would have to be Jane Harmony. And while it's a very pretty name, and one that I created, it's not me. I want to be me. I mean, can you imagine Elana Johnson publishing a book and saying, "Oh, sorry, you have to look for it under Natalie Smith." Or Nathan Bransford posting, "Yeah! I'm published! Go buy my book - but it's written by a John Davis." Really? No. If I'm serious about writing and publication - and I am - I want to do it as me.

I've thought long and hard about this, I really have. And I've determined that I shall be myself.

Hi, I'm Melody, and I'm addicted to stories.

It's nice to meet y'all.

All this to say: You may see my comments on your blogs, and I'm sorry to have complicated matters. Right now, Google thinks that my last name is (frmrly: Jane Harmony). I won't keep it like that forever, but hopefully it helps. And my picture, with my lovely dog, is staying the same. I hope this won't cause too much confusion. But I think it's the decision I should make.

(Haha, the amazingness of scheduled posts! I don't usually, but this would have been my third post in a day and that, my friends, is too much...especially when I probably won't have time to write tomorrow. Er - today. This is confusing.)


Tahereh said...

haha awesome post. you are adorable!

Melody said...

haha thanks Tahereh! :)
After it posted I realized how discombobulated it sounded; glad it made a semblance of sense.