2011 Writing Goals

So, as I mentioned yesterday, I have some writing goals this year. They are all crumbling into tiny pieces as I watch, but let's use our writerly imaginations and pretend they're not, shall we?

  • January - finish Ivolet editing
  • February - write Ivolet query, polish Ivolet, create list of potential agents
  • March - send out (at least) 30 queries of Ivolet, finish rough draft of Jenn Alistor
  • April - go crazy, rewrite/edit Jenn Alistor
  • May - go crazier, send out partials, finish Jenn Alistor
  • June - go craziest, send out fulls, let other skilled writerly people read Jenn Alistor and critique/beta, FREE-WRITE! (write anything!)
  • July - ecstasy/depression depending on status of Ivolet, wait on Jenn Alistor in the beta department, FREE-WRITE!
  • August - edit Jenn Alistor
  • September - edit/polish Jenn Alistor
  • October - write Jenn Alistor query, polish Jenn Alistor, create list of potential agents
  • November - send out (at least) 30 queries of Jenn Alistor
  • December - go crazy, FREE-WRITE!
Notice a pattern here? Also notice a major possibility of failure? Yeah, me too. But I'm not letting that stop me. I know that I can do this. If I put my mind to it. If I stop going to Facebook every time I turn on the computer. If I can keep my hands off the graphic design program. If I can read a few blogs and then no more. If John Flanagan will stop publishing so many Ranger's Apprentice books. I can.

And you can, too. What are your writing goals for 2011? What's it going to take for you to get there? Are you up to it?


JE said...

Wow--you've got a busy year a head of you! Good luck!

Me ... I've got three books to query and one to re-write to make it full length intsead of novella size. Hopefully I will get to start something new. Hopefully. ;-)


Anonymous said...

Best of luck! You can do it!

Alex said...

haha to the "if John Flanagan will stop publishing so many Ranger's Apprentice books". But goodness, you have a large to-do list. All I'm hoping for this year is to write a rough draft of my main project. *twitch, fidget*