I love series. Series-es. Series'. Whatever. The plural of series. I love them.

But I hate when they end. In fact, there are times when I seriously consider never reading the final book in the series...especially if the author has pushed the limits before. I always do read, of course. I can't stay away from my favorite characters. I have to know more of their adventures. It's a need.

There are currently two final books on my shelf. One is Anthony Horowitz' Scorpia Rising, the ninth and final book in the Alex Rider series. The other is John Flanagan's The Emperor of Nihon-Ja, the tenth and final book in the Ranger's Apprentice series. (Oh, what a 'closing of a chapter' this is for me. I grew up with Alex and Will.)

At the time of this posting, I have finished Scorpia Rising but haven't started The Emperor. I won't give away any spoilers for Scorpia Rising, but let me just tell you...never have I met a more satisfying and more devestating ending. I guess, if you asked me if I was happy with it, I'd say yes. I was more than...happy.

But there is forever a small piece of my heart that wishes I never finished a book. Or a movie. Or a series. Because then the characters would exist forever, inside their worlds, still on their quest. And as far as my mind would be concerned, a perfectly happy ending would still be possible. Because an open-ended ending is the most beautiful thing. There's still hope.

But I torture myself, and I do read the end. And whether or not it ends with a kiss, or a death, or a wedding, or a betrayal, I'm happy I know the ending.

What about you? How do you feel about endings??


Keaghan said...

Well, as a writer/author, I have a love/hate relationship with endings. I dread the day when I finish my novel (and after that, the next in the series, etc, until the ending of the series...which is practically a nightmare in my mind...)

And when I come to the end of a good book, it leaves me both empty and satisfied. :)

Anne Gallagher said...

In romance series, they never really end, other characters show up to take their place, and the old characters are there, somewhere in the background.

In my own series, there is no ending. Everyone lives happily ever after in 1811.

Lisa Gail Green said...

Love that!! Yes, it's almost like mourning the character. But what a great job the author does if it makes us want to stay.