How Not to Write

Well, Paper Hangover has the Friday Five (yes, yes, it's Monday) for us this week! :)

What are FIVE of your most distracting (procrastination-worthy) things (habits, websites, etc.) on the internet?
  1. Facebook. My fingers know this better than I do. Every time Firefox opens, Facebook is Numero Uno.
  2. Blogger. Granted, I get mine in Thunderbird. But I'm always scrolling down to see if anything new has come in and must be read right now. Or, perhaps I need to write a new blog post, hehe. :)
  3. The Word Count Tool. I use OpenOffice (which I adore), and it just so happens to count punctuation marks with its word counts. *rolls eyes* Which means that whenever I'm hitting a bump, I'm logging on to check my progress without the punctuation marks.
  4. Twitter. Granted, I totally forget I have it unless I'm looking for something to procrastinate with. But when I remember...I can stay there for hours, just scrolling and scrolling downdowndown and finding out what people are up to. :)
  5. Britain's Got Talent. I don't go here very often, because it sucks you in and you can't get out. I watch video after video after video after video until an hour has passed, and I don't know what happened! Singing, comedy, the ultimate random, I just love it. No idea why I prefer it to America's Got Talent. I think it has something to do with the British accents...


Stina said...

I'm going with blogging, Twitter, email, researching pointless facts that I don't end up needing for my ms. :)

Oh, and my kids bugging me for their the-house-is-NOT-burning-down emergencies.

Keaghan said...

Most of my time is wasted on Blogger...If not Blogger, then Twitter (reading Owl City tweets, generally.) And now you have me hooked on Word Count Tool! It added 1,500 words to my novel's word count versus WORD. ;) Probably because I favor "..." and em-dashes. And if two words have either of those punctuation forms between them, WORD counts it as a single word. :P