Supposed To Be Doing Something Else

The realization on Sunday evening that you've promised a cover reveal on Tuesday. And it's not done. I'm forced to weigh my own perfectionism against excellence. For some people, done enough is a bad thing. For me, it means I'm not going to sweat out the remainder of my life making sure it's just that perfect.

That pretty sums up my thoughts at the moment, even though it's now Monday morning. Other writing occurrences this weekend include the following:
  • Painful: Realizing at midnight on Saturday night that it was not my second day off of the week--as is allowed by my commitments--but my third. It's a pretty bad idea in general, but it's especially horrifying when you have a cover to reveal on Tuesday and a book to publish in a month.
  • Wonderful: I've never stopped having story ideas in my head, but getting them on paper has been torture for the past year {and then some}. I had a new idea this weekend and sketched out the summary/world-building as well as a couple of lines that wold be important to the story, just so it would be there for when I finish this madcap self-e-indie-publishing adventure. But I could feel the prologue in my bones.

    First off, I don't write prologues. Everyone tells you not to, and I've never had a reason to. But this one, this one was right. And yesterday, seeing as it was Sunday and a day of rest, I wrote that prologue.

    I'm not saying it's perfect, but it is good enough to make me happy, to give me a thrill of pleasure every time I read it. Is it because I've gone so long without good words pouring from my fingertips? Probably, probably. But I don't care. It's been so long since a new piece of writing has made me this happy.

    I told my mom about it. She asked me if I was done with the Kindle thing. No, Mom, no, I'm not, I'm just...it's Sunday?

    If it makes everyone--me--feel any better, I worked for two hours yesterday on the cover and going over notes from Robin.
Cover reveal tomorrow. Must. Focus.

What's the coolest thing you've done when you were supposed to be doing something else?

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